The secrets to thinking you can, rather than thinking you can’t.

As a manager you are going to need a winning mind-set. Your team will need a winning mind-set. If you are aspiring to be a manager, you’ll need a winning mind-set.

I’ve already shared with you that achievement means a lot to me personally and so I was really inspired when I met Sir Bob Geldof some years ago. He is surely one of the greatest contemporary achievers.  Remember what he accomplished with Band Aid and Live Aid when £100 million was raised for African famine relief?  Recall his challenging of Margaret Thatcher, leading to a major re-evaluation of British government policy towards famine relief and all his subsequent achievements.  His accolades go on and on.

Musical and political history was made by this man.  Listening to him I was so inspired to learn about his journey through life, the way he opened up his mind to possibilities that others would not have been able to see, and his staggering ability to challenge and to influence.

So when we are at work, how much do we really open our minds to the infinite possibilities that are out there, just waiting to be identified and optimised?  We can’t change where we started from but we can certainly change where we end up.  How do we open our minds?

I’ve listed below some simple but provocative ideas and thoughts that may help you because they have helped me along the way:

1. Change your view of failure

Successful people fail more often. This is partly due to the way they view trial and error. If they try something and it doesn’t work, they look at the end result they have achieved as purely that. A result. Not a failure. They don’t see failure. They see purely the results, the opportunity to move on, and try something else. So when learning how to manage people, accept it won’t always go as you planned, particularly if you are trying a new approach. So….

Reframe failure as a natural result of learning

2. Check your attitudes

A winning attitude can achieve anything – believe this and help your team to believe this too.

3. Access an amazing formula

Combine attitude and skill and you will find you have an amazing formula. Create a culture of positive thinking and belief and ensure everyone has the right tools to do the job. You should see the skill levels rising.

4. A weekly obligation

Ask yourself and your team every week “What have you done to improve the business this week?”

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