The secrets to getting more done.

Someone once said to me, and I have always remembered it, that daily, time is distributed democratically to all of us.  Its inequality only results in how we choose to use it.  I think that’s absolutely spot on.  It’s astonishing to think that some people make so much of that resource, sometimes throughout their whole lives, while others squander it and achieve very little.  It’s personal choice of course, but I know what I’d prefer.  Achievement every time!

Whichever type of organisation you work in these days you‘ll be trying to squeeze more from less. Time is money and chances are there’s not enough time in the day. Your work-life balance can suffer and stress increases and your team will undoubtedly feel the strain too. So grab yourself some of these great, proven time management tips and techniques and share them with your team too. I’ve trained and coached thousands of people over the years on these, so I know they will work for you too.
Remember though with time management it’s so important to recognise your individuality and unique set of circumstances. Time Management is often put over as a rational set of techniques. But we are humans and often irrational and emotionally driven aren’t we? So what works for one person won’t necessarily suit everyone and as with any skill or approach, these require practice and aren’t guaranteed to work every time.

Below is a selection of what I’ve personally found works at work and/or at home …….most of the time!

So have a look at this list and select for yourself those you feel are more likely to make a big difference for you.   And remember!  You need to try these and stick to them to get more successful results consistently.  Whatever you do, implement and don’t give up.

1. A great starting point helps win the race 

Be clear on what you have to achieve.  Your goals and objectives of your role give you your direction and focus and minimise the risk of being side-tracked.  Write them down and keep them close.

2. Have a master list 

Have a master list that contains everything you need to do – I include work and personal tasks all in one master list. Then transfer over into weekly or daily lists to suit.

3. Don’t work from a master list 

It’s not enough to have your goals, objectives, and your ‘to-dos’ on a master list.  That simply won’t work.  I can remember having a manager on my course some years ago who showed me the master list he worked from every day. It had 88 items on it!  Can you imagine how demotivating that was – to come into work each day and be confronted with a list that long? Overwhelming and demoralising.  To help you work out your tasks and manage your workload daily, you need to have a daily list.  Of course you must have a master list of things to do – but don’t refer to that all the time or it will overpower you.  Invest a couple of minutes every day to do a daily ‘to do list’.  Only schedule in about 60% of the day, and leave the rest for unexpected issues.

4. Important not just urgent 

Make sure you prioritise your tasks.  The most common mistake is to prioritise the urgent work.  The problem is that urgent does not necessarily mean important.  Don’t always gravitate towards urgency – remember importance and how stressed you will become once important stuff becomes urgent because you have neglected it. When the important work is also urgent then not only will we feel stressed but we are likely to make mistakes and run round like a headless chicken.  So the important tasks that are not (yet!) urgent have to be chipped away at gradually and not neglected.

An important point to remember here, too, is that if you are stressed and short of time your people management will inevitably suffer. So you will become caught in a vicious cycle that you’ll find very hard to break out of.  I’ve been called in more times than I care to remember to support managers who have been managing for years like this.

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