The very first line that popped into my head when I started to write the preface for my latest book was from the Robert Palmer song, Oh, Mercy, Mercy Me: “oh, things ain’t what they used to be, no, no”. Perhaps not the first point you were expecting to read at the beginning of a management book, but then, my book is not a typical management read. For two very important reasons. Let’s explain.

What I know from 30 years immersing myself in learning about management and leadership, and dedicating my entire career to helping people become managers is that times have changed dramatically. Things literally ‘ain’t what they used to be.’ Management theory and academic approaches aren’t what many people need to start or progress their management career anymore. Fine in the University lecture theatre, but that’s a million miles away from the current everyday work reality for most.

Here’s the thing:

1) People no longer want or need lengthy programmes that take them away from work to focus on the theories, the academic models and the fluff.

2) Time is their most precious resource and implementation is key. So what they do want and need is to focus on the answers to the ‘how to…’ questions: the tips, techniques, shortcuts and tricks that are easy to implement and drive results.

So that’s why I wrote my book “New Manager Secrets – how to accelerate your success as a manager immediately ‘. Firstly, it’s all about the simple, practical stuff that makes that difference as a manager. It’s what people see you doing, how you are doing it, the results you achieve and how you feel about yourself that can accelerate your success as a manager or a wannabee manager, and therefore your career and ultimately your life. So I’ve poured all my ‘how to’ experience and knowledge that I’ve worked really hard to achieve over almost 30 years into a book that you can read it in a day and start living it immediately.

Secondly, here’s an awesome life changer – it still resonates as powerfully with me as on the first day I discovered it, and it’s a key driver behind this book and the success you can achieve with it too:

To know and not to do is actually not to know

You might want to read that again a couple of times to yourself. It’s become my most important mantra. We all know lots of stuff don’t we, but if we don’t actually apply it, we might as well not know it in the first place.

Implementation is key. That, together with the secrets, tips, techniques and magic touches I’m sharing in this book will, I guarantee, accelerate your success as a manager.

What’s more, I’ve written this book in a way that, if you are serious about your potential success, you really can read it in a day. I did this because I know only too well that most people who purchase books today unfortunately never finish them. So, if you get a copy I really want you to finish this book, ideally in a day. Remember, there’s over two decades of learning at the very least in this book, and you can acquire it in a single day. That’s amazing isn’t it? This is exactly the sort of book I so wanted and needed when I started out in my career but could not find.

What’s more, you can start applying the techniques and making them work for you immediately. You may need to tweak here and there – after all practice makes perfect, but success, as I say, lies in action. Follow this book. Apply immediately, using my 4 ‘R’s(c) approach: review, reflect, revise and reapply if necessary. Oh… and keep doing – consistently and persistently. You’ll get results immediately. You’ll build momentum. Before you know it, you’ll get to where you want to go.

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