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    • To ensure your managers go back to work with the skills, attitudes and understanding to carry out appraisals that get the results your business wants
    • To provide a really practical learning experience for your managers which equips them to handle challenging situations in appraisal discussions and builds confidence in their wider performance management and motivational responsibilities and skills

    Your key takeaways:

    • Strategies for promoting appraisal to your team members and getting buy-in to their appraisals
    • Everything you need to know about your particular appraisal system
    • If your system is online, then how to use the technology for maximum results
    • What to avoid if you have an online appraisal system
    • How appraisal fits within the wider context of performance management
    • The secrets to a successful, motivating appraisal discussion
    • Top tips for preparing for the appraisal
    • Ideas for encouraging your team members to prepare for their appraisals
    • A structure that really works to get the most from the appraisal
    • Techniques for remaining calm, confident and in control
    • Proven strategies to deal with difficult situations
    • Ways to handle tricky scenarios including anger, objections, emotional outbursts and resistance
    • Skills to engage even the most disengaged team member
    • Appraisal skills including advanced listening styles, question technique,  tone and physiology
    • Techniques for giving praise, disagreeing and stating views, giving constructive feedback
    • How to manage the time and the discussion
    • How to set SMARTER and DMI objectives
    • Getting the balance right between looking back and looking forwards
    • How to make appraisal and objective setting relevant and meaningful for all team members
    • Tips for agreeing a personal development plan that suits the team member and accelerates performance
    • Ideas for creating and sustaining a performance led culture throughout the year

    phone and email Picture1 (2)0845 165 6269


    phone and email Picture1 (3)

    “I’d like to put on record our thanks for working with us and providing excellent training to our workforce. The general feedback we have received from staff is that the sessions have been well received with excellent learning outcomes and has really added value to the appraisal conversations across the Trust.  Thank you for all your collaboration and excellent delivery since we started working together”

    Ash Ellis, Business & Projects Manager, Learning & Development, Dorset Hospitals University Foundation Trust


    Get the Skills and Techniques Managers Need To Carry Out Appraisals That Motivate and Support Accelerated Performance


    This course will ensure a corporate return on investment in your appraisal system.   Many of our clients have come to us for appraisal training because they need to breathe life into their particular appraisal/performance management system.  They need buy in and results rather than a tick box exercise.


    Bespoked to your particular appraisal system, our unique approach to appraisal training will enable your managers to learn how to carry out appraisal and performance reviews that really do motivate, support accelerated performance in the work place and achieve cultural change.


    If you choose to use us to deliver your appraisal training for you, you’ll find that word will get round and that this is an appraisal training course that managers and directors at all levels will want to attend.


    And if you are really determined to make a difference to your organisation’s approach to appraisal you’ll find our appraisal training for appraisees worth the investment too.  That way you will be offering support to everyone in your organisation in a fair, supportive and engaging way to get the most from your appraisal training and appraisal system.


    100% of delegates on our appraisal course for managers at Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust recommend this course.


    The Methods We’ll Use And The Benefits To You

    Our delivery methods are uniquely different from other learning providers.


    We’ve always been about achievement, not just the learning.  Our approach is to deliver intensive, high impact and inspirational events that will make a difference to performance and success.


    We choose to combine expert trainer-led sessions with other blended learning tools, including simulations, interactive theatre and practice.  Core methods also include paired work, quizzes, questionnaires group discussion and reflective journaling.


    We don’t waste your time and money with endless meaningless exercises and unfocussed group discussions but focus on approaches that fast track learning and change.  Unlike other learning providers we also include an accountability partner system to help transfer and sustain the learning back at work.


    Leading Light Learning ensures methods that:

    • Cater for different learning styles
    • Take into account how adults learn
    • Overcome any barriers to learning
    • Create a focussed but enjoyable experience
    • Help the transfer of learning and make training stick back at work
    • Respect equality and diversity in the workplace
    • Demonstrate an immediate return on investment

    Here’s What Our Appraisal Training Course Covers

    • How to promote your appraisal system and get buy-in
    • How to sell the benefits of appraisal to staff and overcome resistance
    • How your particular appraisal system and cycle works
    • Fitting appraisal within the broader performance management  system and all the key touch points
    • Why an annual rain dance approach to appraisals is a complete waste of time
    • The top mistakes managers make during appraisal discussions and how to avoid them
    • How to motivate managers and staff to prepare
    • Why appraisal is beneficial for everyone
    • The main reasons why appraisals fail and how to avoid them
    • The importance of preparation as a manager
    • How to avoid a paper chase
    • Strategies to use when you have a wide span of control
    • How to feel confident and in control during an appraisal discussion
    • Getting the balance right between reflection and planning
    • How to handle difficult situations such as aggressive or submissive appraisees
    • How to engage disengaged team members
    • How to seek upward feedback
    • The 3 key types of objectives, including the one few people know about  and how to get the balance right
    • Practising the key skills that transform an appraisal discussion and getting feedback
    • How to feel more comfortable and skilled at giving feedback on a regular basis and not just at appraisal
    • Techniques for constructing great personal development plans which take into account learning styles, objectives and the wide range of current learning methodologies
    • Which of the key skills make all the difference to ensure an appraisal secures the results you need

    Here’s what to do next

    If you are looking for a high impact, practical expert solution to train managers to run great appraisals then our programme is the perfect solution for you.


    Please enter your details in the contact form at the foot of this page and in return you’ll get a response from one of our Client Solutions Managers who will be able to provide you with a complete proposal for the programme based on your specific requirements.


    Alternatively if you’d like to call us you can contact us on 0845 165 6269 and you’ll be immediately assigned a Client Solutions Manager who’ll take care of your project.


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