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    • To learn how to chair a meeting using a whole range of proven strategies, techniques and tips;
    • To know exactly how to construct an action-centred agenda that gets engagement and results;
    • To be able to apply key tools and skills to improving communication, problem solving, decision making;
    • To manage time, handle tricky situations and use a Chairperson’s agenda for focus, control and facilitation;
    • To chair meetings that get the business results and ROI on the time spent.

    Your key takeaways:

    • How to plan, prepare, and produce an action-centred agenda with clear objectives
    • Structure the meeting to get the best possible results from the agenda items
    • Understanding of the mechanics and behaviours at meetings
    • How to unite the participants and create a positive atmosphere immediately
    • How to manage the environment to ensure motivation and great group dynamics
    • The essential interpersonal skills required to chair successful meetings
    • Confidence building strategies 
    • Tips and techniques to unite the group and ensure communication and contribution
    • How to control discussion, reach decisions and prevent ‘groupthink’
    • How to facilitate discussion to help problem solving and increase involvement
    • Key strategies for handling difficult situations and disarm negative behaviours
    • How to deal with hidden agendas, conflict, time wasting, game playing and diversions
    • Tips for adding to discussions without dominating
    • How to use a chairperson’s agenda to keep control and take notes against which to check the minutes



    phone and email Picture1 (2)0845 165 6269


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    Our Chairing Meetings Training Event Will Transform Your Meetings!

    Your Chairing Meetings Training Programme

    It’s a high impact, practical learning event that can turn your meetings into powerful and engaging events that keep to time, achieve results and motivate group members.  Delegates will discover how to chair a meeting following our proven techniques.  They will get a great return on their time investment and see immediate improvements to the meeting they chair.


    We use a series of simulated meetings during the chairing meetings training course to help delegates discover and practice the many techniques, tips and skills to transform meetings, chairing, personal contributions and outputs. They’ll have everything they need to chair highly effective, motivational meetings that people want to attend!


    It’s no secret that most people find that meetings are “too long” or “too boring” or even “a distraction from getting the real work done.” These preconceived views towards meetings puts a huge amount of pressure on the person chairing the meeting and in return either takes a big toll on their confidence and style or leads to a directive, controlling stance.


    So for anybody trying to chair a meeting the pressure, lack of skills, and confidence usually results in poor structure and control. This leads to the meeting getting bogged down in irrelevant detail and time gets wasted and lots of other problems occur.


    The Methods We’ll Use On Our Chairing Meetings Training Course And The Benefits To You

    Our delivery methods are uniquely different from other Learning providers.


    We’ve always been about achievement, not just the learning. Our approach is to deliver intensive, high impact and inspirational events that will make a difference to performance and success.


    We choose to combine expert trainer-led sessions with other blended learning tools, including simulations, interactive theatre and simulations.  Core methods also include paired work, quizzes, questionnaires, group discussion and reflective journaling.


    We don’t waste your time and money with endless meaningless exercises and unfocussed group discussions but focus on approaches that fast-track learning and change.  Unlike other learning providers we also include an accountability partner system to help transfer and sustain the learning back at work.


    Leading Light Learning  also ensures methods that:

    • Cater for different learning styles
    • Take into account how adults learn
    • Overcome any barriers to learning
    • Create a focussed but enjoyable experience
    • Help the transfer of learning and make the training stick back at work
    • Respect Equality and Diversity in the workplace
    • Demonstrate an immediate return on investment

    Here’s What To Do Next

    If you’re looking for a high impact, practical and expert solution to improve the way managers and leaders in your organisation chair and participate in meetings then our highly chairing meetings training programme is the perfect solution for you.


    Please enter your details below in the contact form and in return you’ll get a response from one of our Client Solutions Managers who will be able to provide you with a complete proposal for the programme based on your specific requirements.


    Alternatively if you’d like to call us you can contact us on 0845 165 6269 and you’ll be immediately assigned a Client Solutions Manager who’ll take care of your project.

    With our chairing meetings programme, managers will gain the skills and confidence needed to turn meetings into successful events that drive results, save time and engage all participants.


    You’ll almost instantly find that the meetings in your organisation become ones people actually want to attend.


    Great feedback from all the courses, thanks so much
    Jackie Desmond, HR, Sevenoaks District Council


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