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We Help Transform Complaint Handlers Into Rockstar Complaint Handlers Who Resolve The Situation Brilliantly Every time

Would you like to transform the way your staff deal with complaints so that they have the key skills needed to resolve the situation brilliantly every time?

The impact this has on complaint handlers’ confidence is transformational.  Finally they have the right skill set and techniques to be able to effectively deal with the situation resulting in a win/win for the customer and member of staff every time.

Our goal is develop your people so that complaints get resolved,  the number of unhappy customers is reduced and you increase your customer retention and loyalty.

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    • To turn complainants into advocates of your brand or service;
    • To apply the key attitudes, behaviour, and skills that contribute to successful complaints handling;
    • To discover how to avoid key accelerators;
    • To understand and apply a range of diffusion techniques and tactics;
    • To understand the complaints process to follow, including regulatory and compliance issues (if appropriate);
    • An opportunity to work with case studies and scenarios drawn from your experience of complaints.

    Here’s What Our Complaints Handling Training Covers

    • Understanding what is actually a complaint
    • Recognising when and why a problem occurs
    • Appreciation of the psychological triggers and reactions
    • Understanding emotional reactions to complaints and how this can hinder resolution
    • The importance of gathering informal feedback
    • If appropriate to your organisation, an overview of the regulatory compliance requirements for dealing with complaints including logging complaints properly, keeping full records, and adhering to mandatory timescales
    • Key communication skills for handling complaints face to face and via telephone calls including active listening, tone of voice, influencing and negotiation skills to help shape complaints handling conversations
    • Key accelerators that can make a tricky situation worse
    • A comprehensive set of skills and techniques to prevent escalation and aid a resolution
    • What to say and what to definitely avoid saying to a customer who complains
    • How to respond in writing
    • Why it’s often better to pick up the phone than write back
    • Key diffusion techniques
    • Handling difficult conversations including how to avoid key accelerators, behavioural issues and tactics to use
    • The power of the apology and exactly how to apply it
    • What to do if confronted with abuse
    • What to do if the customer becomes threatening
    • Reporting and logging processes and procedures
    • Mindset changes from reaction to resolution
    • Key principles to apply when handling written complaints
    • An opportunity to work with case studies and scenarios drawn from your experience of complaints
    • Understanding why complaints handling is an essential part of giving a fantastic customer experience
    • Personal action planning

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    Your key takeaways:

    We can tailor your training to include regulatory requirements if appropriate.  We can also design the course to focus on face to face, phone or written complaints handling, or even all three.  Just let us know and we will devise a bespoke programme for you.  We can design these to be relevant and engaging for all levels:  team leaders, managers and directors.


    Our practical approach ensures delegates learn a whole range of skills and techniques to diffuse tricky situations and resolve complaints.  Encouraging delegates to view complaints handling in a positive way we gear the training to your culture and complaints handling procedures.


    Our Complaints Handling Training Is The Perfect Solution For Managers Who Have To Resolve Complaints from Clients and Customers

    Every time a complaint is received the strong emotions of disappointment and anger can spiral out of control. A lack of complaints handling skills can result in your brand and reputation being hit hard.


    When a person complains it triggers all different types of emotions which shape our behaviours when responding. These strong emotions can include disappointment, insecurity, anxiety, frustration and even anger.


    Poorly trained managers and staff can trigger similar reactions in customers often through a lack of insight into why we all behave as we do. As a result the complainant can become even more tense, angry and even unreasonable.


    If you want your managers to be able to deal with difficult situations with customers, then this complaints handling training course is perfect for your organisation.

    Our tried and tested methods have delivered fantastic results for organisations in both public and private sector, in regulated and non-regulated businesses.


    “Contributed a great deal to our success…personal support invaluable…..” recruiting and training complaints panel members for national complaints service:

    “I would like to thank you sincerely for your hard work and support. Your involvement in the recruitment of our volunteers, as well as the content and delivery of the regular training all these years since the launch of the service in 2006 has contributed a great deal to its success. The personal support that you have provided has also been invaluable.”
     Hazel Adams, Head Of Service, DCS


    Thank you again for a great meeting with so much food for thought going forward. The content was excellent and I am sure everyone has a lot to think about.
    Cathy Patterson   Business Administrator   Granta Dental


    Reassured throughout about our choice of external provider……It was a real gamble for us choosing an external provider to deliver training in line with the NHS complaints regulate and NHS Tees’ approach to seeking the patient experience but were assured throughout the development process of Training to Achieve’s knowledge, skills and the quality of the training were commissioning.”
    Julie Bailey, Head of Governance, Corporate Affairs Directorate, NHS Tees


    The Methods We’ll Use And The Benefits To You

    Our delivery methods are uniquely different from other learning providers.


    We’ve always been about achievement, not just the learning.  Our approach is to deliver intensive, high impact and inspirational events that will make a difference to performance and success.


    We choose to combine expert trainer-led sessions with other blended learning tools, including simulations, interactive theatre and practice.  Core methods also include paired work, quizzes, questionnaires group discussion and reflective journaling.


    We don’t waste your time and money with endless meaningless exercises and unfocussed group discussions but focus on approaches that fast track learning and change.  Unlike other learning providers we also include an accountability partner system to help transfer and sustain the learning back at work.


    Leading Light Learning ensures methods that:

    • Cater for different learning styles
    • Take into account how adults learn
    • Overcome any barriers to learning
    • Create a focussed but enjoyable experience
    • Help the transfer of learning and make training stick back at work
    • Respect equality and diversity in the workplace
    • Demonstrate an immediate return on investment


    Here’s what to do next

    If you are looking for a high impact, practical expert solution to train managers to handle complaints then our programme is the perfect solution for you.


    Please enter your details in the contact form at the foot of this page and in return you’ll get a response from one of our Client Solutions Managers who will be able to provide you with a complete proposal for the programme based on your specific requirements.


    Alternatively if you’d like to call us you can contact us on 0845 165 6269 and you’ll be immediately assigned a Client Solutions Manager who’ll take care of your project.


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