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    • To learn and apply a toolkit of latest and proven skills and techniques for success with presentations at work;
    • To cover everything from how to get started with planning and structure to dealing with nerves and thinking on your feet when dealing with difficult situations;
    • To learn and apply a toolkit of latest and proven skills and techniques for success with presentations at work;
    • To increase confidence, control, and mastery of storytelling and imagery to connect with your audience;
    • Benefit from our insights into communicating with presence, how to gain respect and create an impact;
    • To transform your presentations, whether you are talking to a small group or hundreds.

    Your key takeaways:

    • Plan, prepare and structure a presentation to fit your objectives and your audience
    • Feel comfortable with space, props, and technology
    • Apply a checklist for practising and dealing with nerves
    • How to develop a punchy, powerful style
    • How to increase personal presence and impact
    • How to be authentic and connect with your audience
    • Going for the element of surprise
    • Feel more confident and in control
    • Devise an action plan to assist your next presentation at work to get the most return from the day
    • Plan, prepare, and deliver a presentation which achieves the results you want!
    • How to use the stage
    • How to be memorable for all the right reasons
    • Understand and apply some of the secrets for improving body language and voice control
    • Use techniques for dealing with questions and difficult situations

    phone and email Picture1 (2)0845 165 6269


    phone and email Picture1 (3)

    Here’s What Our Presentation Skills Training Course Covers

    • How to plan and prepare to reduce nerves and to feel confident and in control
    • Techniques for creating amazing, attention grabbing slides, and avoiding ‘death by powerpoint’
    • Learning advanced techniques to naturally use  voice and body language to great effect
    • How to develop a natural, engaging style which conveys gravitas and produces trust
    • Why parachutes are always important to escape trouble!
    • How to handle the audience with confidence, including difficult questions
    • Key strategies for presenting to very large audiences
    • Why parables and stories work so well and too much content doesn’t
    • Lessons you can learn from the ‘Ted’ Talks and how to apply them
    • Speaking and engaging with greater confidence and professionalism whilst being approachable and down to earth
    • Actually enjoy being the centre of attention and on stage

    The Methods We’ll Use And The Benefits To You

    Our delivery methods are uniquely different from other learning providers.


    We’ve always been about achievement, not just the learning.  Our approach is to deliver intensive, high impact and inspirational events that will make a difference to performance and success.


    We choose to combine expert trainer-led sessions with other blended learning tools, including simulations, interactive theatre and practice.  Core methods also include paired work, quizzes, questionnaires group discussion and reflective journaling.


    We don’t waste your time and money with endless meaningless exercises and unfocussed group discussions but focus on approaches that fast track learning and change.  Unlike other learning providers we also include an accountability partner system to help transfer and sustain the learning back at work.


    Leading Light Learning ensures methods that:

    • Cater for different learning styles
    • Take into account how adults learn
    • Overcome any barriers to learning
    • Create a focussed but enjoyable experience
    • Help the transfer of learning and make training stick back at work
    • Respect equality and diversity in the workplace
    • Demonstrate an immediate return on investment


    Here’s what to do next

    If you are looking for a high impact, practical expert solution to train managers in presentation skills then our programme is the perfect solution for you.


    Please enter your details in the contact form at the foot of this page and in return you’ll get a response from one of our Client Solutions Managers who will be able to provide you with a complete proposal for the programme based on your specific requirements.


    Alternatively if you’d like to call us you can contact us on 0845 165 6269 and you’ll be immediately assigned a Client Solutions Manager who’ll take care of your project.


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