Management & Executive Coaching/Mentoring

We’ve spent years developing our own unique approach to coaching.


We’ve done this because we know from years of experience that it takes more than a ‘life coach’ approach of just asking a bunch of questions to get the results our clients need at work and in their careers.


So we know how to help you or your people achieve the results needed in the shortest possible time.  Our distinctive coaching methods go way beyond the usual techniques and you won’t find them elsewhere.


We’ve developed the STAR™ Coaching Method : Strategy, Tactics, Action, Results.  All our coaches are accredited in this unique and powerful approach which has helped hundreds of people to reach or exceed their goals.

Here’s some examples of the challenges we’ve recently helped our STAR™ coaching clients overcome:

  • How to strengthen management and leadership abilities
  • What to do to build a winning team
  • Different ways to handle underperforming team members
  • How to improve influencing skills
  • Shortcuts to increase personal presence and impact
  • How to develop a winning mind-set
  • How to become more confident and positive in stressful situations
  • Skills to increase performance in specific work areas
  • The best way to lead a demanding team
  • How to deal with difficult colleagues, bosses, or members of staff
  • Strategies to develop management and leadership skills for that next promotion
  • How to deliver high level presentations in a confident way that achieves results
  • What to focus on to be able to chair demanding meetings
  • How to introduce or cope with change
  • How to handle complex situations
  • How to increase your motivation
  • Solutions to balance work/life goals, aspirations and demands
  • How to accept and learn from 360 feedback
  • What to do exactly to prepare for that all important interview
  • How to prepare for a new phase in your life/career
  • How to have a fresh start
  • The best way to start your own business
  • How to handle complexity
  • Reassurance and confidence building to return to work after a break
  • Have a sounding board outside your own organisation

When you work with one of our coaching experts look at how you’ll benefit:

  1. You’ll be immediately accessing not only transformational coaching techniques but also skills, approaches, tips, and expertise gained from 30 years of management and people development.
  2. You’ll be benefitting from our Intellectual property, and the world class STAR™ system we’ve developed to provide the approach we’ve found most people that we work with actually want and need.  It’s a combination of coach, mentor, trainer and accountability partner to get you to where you want to go.  It’s unique.  You’ll only find this approach to coaching with us and our accredited team members.

So we have the skills and the know how to enable you to quickly achieve your goals whether you’re looking to overcome specific challenges or make the most of current opportunities.


We believe you already have what it takes to overcome your particular challenges and become more successful.  Our expert STAR™ coaching approach will take you to that next level or even the level beyond by working with you in a powerful, targeted and practical way.


You’ll find that working with a company that has over 30 years’ experience working with high achievers, Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, and aspiring Leaders means you are in safe hands.


That’s a claim very few others can make.


It would be reassuring wouldn’t it to work with a company you can trust to help you get where you want to go.


Here’s how it works:

We go to you or you come to us.


For our international clients Skype coaching or telephone coaching works really well.


The most important thing is you decide what works best for you and your current commitments and schedule.


Have total confidence with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

As part of our promise to provide the best possible service we allow a money back guarantee.  If by the end of the initial coaching session you didn’t think it was worth far more than the investment, then you won’t be charged for the session…no questions asked.


We can confidently say we have never had this happen in the 30 years we’ve been in business; however we do this to put your mind completely at ease.


Are you ready to achieve more success?

If you’re seriously interested then the next step is to fill in the form at the bottom of this page and one of our Client Solutions Managers will be in touch to arrange an initial chat with one of our expert coaches or even our founder Alison Miles-Jenkins to explore what you’re looking to achieve.


We only have a limited number of new coaching clients we can take on each month, so if you’re serious about achieving success then please get in touch below now.


Here’s what some of our clients have said about us:

Fast tracked Chief Executive career – Transformational results:  ” – a real coup”

“Have just secured my first Chief Executive post.  It’s a real coup at my age and I know I could not have secured this prestigious position without the powerful coaching sessions this year.  Delighted to recommend you.”  Miles Jordan , Chief Executive


Personal Development and Career Coaching: “Thank you for helping me to explore the art of the possible”

“Thought you might like to know that I’ve got myself a new job. I have taken a much more positive approach to life so far this year which colleagues and friends have noticed saying I seem very upbeat and happy about things. I just wanted to say that much of that is down to the help you gave me in getting my head straight and recognizing what was important to me.  I stopped trying to control things that were beyond my reach and put myself first for a change. Thank you for helping me to explore the art of the possible.” Chris Francis, Senior Manager


360 Degree Feedback Coaching: “great integrity…complete confidence…”

“We have worked on joint client projects together. Leading Light Learning is a highly professional and capable People Development Company; they understand both the individual and strategic dynamics of performance. They provides their clients with the best advice and services. We have complete confidence in introducing Leading Light Learning to our coaching clients as we know they will do a great job and maintain our client’s confidence in us.” Jo Ayoubi, Director


Transition to strategic management role: “Excellent insight into my particular work situation”

“I wanted to write a brief, but heartfelt, note thanking you for your coaching support during the past months. I always felt very much at ease during our discussions, where you were able to provide an excellent insight to my particular work situation, and you always provided constructive and practical advice, with relevant ideas and approaches that enabled me to work out an action plan for moving forward – all very much appreciated.” Vivienne Snowden


Successful business strategy developed:  “Such an insightful experience”

“I’ve developed a successful business strategy following my coaching with you.  It was such an insightful experience and one which I will continue to learn from”  Anna Freeman


Dealing with an underperforming team: “Excellent Insight to achieve quick results”

“Excellent insight into my particular work situation.  I achieved results which I needed much more quickly than without the coaching. Thank you.” Peter Flagherty


Transitioning from operational to strategic management: “A great help with honing skills” 

“The coaching was a great help to me in understanding how to develop a business strategy, as well as helping me to hone my managerial skills. They understand how well-run businesses operate and their coaching reflects this.” Deborah Granville


Business Mentoring: “very friendly and easy to deal with…”

“Very professional and experienced business mentor, with a wide clientele as a result. Very friendly and easy to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”  Les Long, Business Owner


Coping with change: “an inspiration”

“You are wonderful and such an inspiration” Jacqui Dove, Senior Finance Manager


Business strategy: “Inspirational”

“You were an inspiration and lots of your words ‘still ring true’” Jane Hadley, Founder and Business Owner


Please note the full details of these testimonials and organisations have been kept confidential.