Your ‘must-have’ real world guide for managers – without the theory and the fluff

Get practical answers to all the ‘how do I …’ questions and challenges that managers face daily
If you are a manager at any stage in your career ‘New Manager Secrets’ will transform your management skills. With its focus on practical application of top techniques, tips and know-how you can instantly accelerate your success as a manager and advance your career. Alison has dedicated 30 years to developing managers and leaders and has poured a huge amount of her expertise, incredible working knowledge and experiences into this book. It’s not full of complicated theories or long winded accounts of research but offers down to earth suggestions for the way forward for many common challenges.


Distinctive of her style, she also give you as the reader the chance to add your own reflections, actions and steps to implement, turning this is into a must-have handbook. It’s invaluable for new or aspiring managers and a great aide-memoire for the more experienced. If you manage people keep a copy with you.

Decades of experience and management know-how that you can read and acquire in a day!

Alison has written the sort of book she so wanted and needed and couldn’t find earlier in her career. Discover her management skills and techniques and start making them work for you immediately! Practice makes perfect, but success, as she says, lies in action. Grab your copy of her book now, start applying the techniques and you’ll get results immediately. Before you know it, you’ll get to where you want to go as a manager.
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