Terms of Business


Business Consultancy Fees
Business Consultancy fees will be agreed prior to the commencement of each project and will include preparation of all reports, recommendations, proposals, etc. as appropriate. Invoices for Consultancy Projects will be raised weekly or at the end of the project, whichever period of time is the shorter.


Training Course Development Fees
Many courses do not have development fees attached.  However, if these are specified due to the nature of the training required, the fees quoted will include the course design and preparation, together with the design, and reproduction of course manuals and handouts as appropriate for each delegate.


Training Course Delivery Fees
The fees quoted will include the delivery of the course by one or more of our team as deemed appropriate by Leading Light Learning.


All documentation and materials produced will remain the property of Leading Light Learning. Clients are authorised to use all prepared documentation and materials only within the Client organisation and only with our written permission.


Force Majeure
Leading Light Learning shall not be liable in respect of any claim arising under any contract where the same arises by reason of any act or cause beyond our reasonable control.


Consequential loss
Leading Light Learning shall not be liable in respect of any consequential loss howsoever this might arise.


Invoicing and payment
Invoices for training, development and learning-related activities will be rendered at the end of the day in which the work is completed. Where there are a series of courses or an ongoing Consultancy project, invoices covering the work delivered in any one week will be rendered at the end of that week.  Invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed with the client.


For projects undertaken outside of the UK invoices for preparation work and course development are to be paid before the training is delivered.


Should any Consultancy project or training programmes (including our open courses), having been quoted and accepted, be cancelled, the following charges will apply: –

Up to 5 working days prior to commencement: Full quoted fee

6 – 15 working days prior to commencement: 50% of quoted fee

15 –30 working days prior to commencement: 25% of quoted fee

31 working days prior to commencement: No charge


All fees quoted exclude VAT, which will be charged at the rate current at the date of invoice.


For our open courses, we expect payment in advance, which is not refundable for non-attendance. In the event of a delegate not attending for reasons beyond their control, if we have other courses with availability we shall do our best to offer an alternative date or course depending on the circumstances, which may be subject to an additional but reduced fee.



Daily Rate: Please contact us for specific fees


Expenses: Mileage is charged at 45 pence per mile from Leading Light Learning premises to client premises or venue used. Where applicable, train fares will be charged instead.  Any appropriate taxi/car parking charges will be added and if overnight stays are appropriate the costs of these and reasonable subsistence expenses will be covered by the client.


Working Day: One chargeable day will consist of seven and a half working hours for consultancy and allied project tasks and six and a half working hours for training activity. Working days are classed as Monday to Friday. Weekends and Bank Holidays will be charged at double the daily rate.


Projects: Each project, group of training or consultancy days will be scheduled prior to work taking place so that milestones and deliverable work items can be agreed. On longer-term projects, meetings will be held monthly to ensure that the client is aware of project progress and to set targets for future work. Leading Light Learning request that a senior member of the client staff is designated as Project(s) Sponsor/Client representative.